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Notice for our families and friends-

Thank you for being a part of Black Diamond Studio. We want you to know that, as a community member, your health and well-being is the top priority. 

Due to the Noval Coronavirus, out studio starting 03/14/20 is closed until future announcement. We will continue to monotor the situation and update you and ongoing basis with Black Diamond Family. 

                       -Black Diamond Studio

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Dance and music can help reduce the pressure on work and life, and the body and physical strength will improve and confidence will increase. I founded the black diamond dance studios to create a comfortable, clean and more advanced environment for more friends like me who enjoy dance and exercise. When you are mentally and physically in a good stage, you can make friends with similar hobbies.


Black diamonds are very unique and exquisite this is the philosophy I am pursuing. Girls don't just need pink, uniqueness and tenacity are what modern women need. The difference between my studio and other dance clubs is that we will operate it like home, we will provide a very cozy and welcoming environment with snacks and drinks, hot and cold towels and rest areas, and password lock lockers to let the students come here. Fully comfortable to enjoy each curriculum. We also organize activities and parties with members on a regular basis in the future. It will also bring performance opportunities for students who love to perform in real action out there. It is my pleasure to make our guests beautiful and healthy.




舞蹈和音乐会减轻工作和生活方面的压力,慢慢身材和体力都会变好,也会增加自信。我所创办的black diamond dance studio 就是为了给更多像我这样爱跳舞和运动的朋友们创造一个舒适,干净和比较高级的环境,开心变美的同时又可以交些爱好一致的朋友。Black diamonds are unique. 坚硬 ,这是我所追求的理念,女孩子并不只需要粉红色,独特和坚韧 也是现代女性所需的。

我的studio 和其他舞社的不同之处是,我们会把它经营的像一个家的感觉,我们会提供零食和饮品,冷热毛巾和休息区域,和密码锁lockers 让同学们到这里就可完全安心舒适的enjoy 她们丰富的课程,我们将来还会定期和会员们组织活动,派对。 也会给爱表演的同学带来表演机会.把我们的客人们变美变健康和自信是我的终止。


Dance and fitness are the keys to stay healthy and build inner strength, not only to maintain your fitness status but also can be a fun way to communicate with people in groove and movement. BD Dance Studio is an Asian-American luxury studio, founder Jasmine Liu establishes the space with a true mission to spread the healthy lifestyle and bring people together with fun, laughter and active vibes. 


Establishing in the multi-culture base LA, Black Diamond was born with love and passion for hip hop and all types of activities and dance. Ultra-luxe amenities and challenging classes, you get to experience professional instructors we gather from all over the world, and immerse, enjoy yourself with a brand new vibe. Let us inspire you, customize for you and take you to your next level.

“舞蹈”和“健身”不仅在外观上改善了爱好者的体态和气质,更给人带来一种积极健康的生活方式。受益于跳舞和健身给生活带来的巨大的改变,BD Dance Studio的Founder Jasmine Liu创立了BD Dance Studio,初衷是想将这种生活方式传播给大家。

洛杉矶是世界范围内嘻哈文化的主流传播地,BD Dance Studio的运动环境在洛杉矶地区也是首屈一指,内部风格简约时尚又活力四射。同时,Studio邀请了高水准的海内外知名舞者倾情加盟师资团队,提供丰富多样、突破创新的各舞种课程。BD Dance Studio旨在成为洛杉矶地区嘻哈和运动文化的核心力量,以舞蹈健身的先锋形象引领更多的人体验用肢体表达情绪的美妙和运动的乐趣。​​


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Our 3-year-old daughter has loved dancing this year in Ms. Jasmine's ballet class. It's been a fun experience.


It is a kid friendly environment, where children come first. We have lots of fun, while at the same time learning awesome dance routines! This is the best place where kids can be active.


Super friendly atmosphere. Instructors are professional and I love how they talk and encourage.

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